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Hi :)
Sorry, i didn't mean you were deliberately seeking out trouble.  Just that it seems you have done what most of us did in our early days too.  There is a LOT of advice out there and not all of it is good for all occasions.

Often people claim that the only legitimate way of doing anything is to do it exactly the way they do it.  They imply that any variation on what they do is foolish = you have to get it exactly 'right' (according to them).  However they seldom tell us why their way is 'better' and when they do it turns out that while their way might be best for them it's actually completely the opposite of what would be right for you.

The 11.10 was a bit of a nightmare for a lot of us and the 11.04  (6months earlier) was even worse.  Generally i find the 6monthly releases are Ok but the LTSes are much better (for me) because i find them much more stable.  It does mean i don't always get the cutting edge versions of things but to me that just means i bleed less.
Regards from
Tom :)