Comment 1782 for bug 1

Hi :)
The best place to get normal Ubuntu from is
and avoid installing apport.

It sounds like you are looking for trouble by trying to use unstable alpha-test versions that would only normally be used by certain devs working on fairly specific projects.  Most of us never use any of that.  We tend to stick with stable versions and in most cases the more stable the better.

Almost all 'my' machines only have 12.04 LTS.  It's easier to maintain.  A couple still have 10.04 LTS (again because it's easy to look after) but they almost never get used.  It's only my own home machine and the one i actually use almost all the time at work that multi-boot into other systems.  Errr, they all have Windows as a dual-boot.  None have apport and i have never used it.

I get the feeling that you either are a dev or that devs have somehow convinced you that unstable experimental versions are 'better'.  When i first tried moving from Windows i was looking for the "best" of the bewildering amount of choices and somehow settled on the server edition.  It took me a while to figure out that what i really needed was a normal, reliable desktop.

Regards from
Tom :)