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Hi :)
Thanks for the off-list help there Marin :)  Should help improve my relationship with my boss :)

All Windows 'security' seems to be just a layer added on top of a fundamentally insecure system.  Where Win7 appears to have something similar to sudo or gksu that really feels like something that is just on the surface.  Programs need to operate without constantly asking the users permissions but have they all really been totally re-written so that they never need SuperUser permissions?

Have you tried surfing with cookies being totally blocked?  Even gives a dozen pop-up asking you to accept this or that cookie with no real detail about the individual cookies.  You just have to either
1.  accept pretty much all unknown cookies or

2.  forget even legitimate and 'safe' websurfing (ie NO 3rd party sites, only ones condoned by MS and security advisers)

I know what you mean about not wanting to be just better and safer but really being safe.  The way i think of it is that with Gnu&Linux i feel about 90% safe, perhaps 99% safe.  With Windows i feel about 9% safe.  Almost all the time i take actions to stay safe in Gnu&Linux it feels like it's just me being pedantic and unnecessary.  In Windows it seems the slightest thing can cause problems.

Regards from
Tom :)