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I agree with you. I also have the same response as yours to those problems.
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Hi :)
I don't have any of those problems.

Perhaps you need to check that you have an official Cd or downloaded
from the official website and then md5sum or Sha check the Cd or Usb
that you use to install Ubuntu.

1.  Overclocking and underclocking.  Doesn't this need to be done from
inside the bios or by physical changes to the hardware?  I've not heard
of anyone being able to do this from inside any OS.  I agree it would be
good if Ubuntu could lead the way on this.

2.  If my internet connection drops out i just get a discrete
notification and the icon on the top taskbar changes to show i have no
network connection.  None of that grabs focus and i can keep typing
without interference.  With crash reports i get a pop-up dialogue just
once and have to cancel or allow it (ie it grabs focus).  Either way it
doesn't appear a 2nd time.  The only place i've seen the type of
behaviour that MDV described was in Windows, never in any Gnu&Linux.

3.  Advertising would be great.  Public perception of OpenSource vs MS
is generally exactly the opposite of reality.

A good example is that greater numbers of desktop users would NOT
increase security problems.  Currently malware and remote attackers
focus on desktop machines despite that only affecting 1 person at a time
and thus being an extremely inefficient method of attacking people.
Attacking a server would affect far more people.  A single server going
down could affect hundreds or thousand of people rather than just 1.
The reason we don't see more servers getting attacked and taken down
could have something to do with the fact that almost no serious servers
run Windows.  Servers almost entirely run unix-based platforms such as
Bsd or Gnu&Linux.

4.  Dunno.  I've not tried running Ubuntu on Atoms.  However, on
extremely low spec machines i have found Ubuntu 12.04 (using Unity) runs
a LOT better than 8.04 or 10.04 (using Gnome).  10.04 was fine but 12.04
is better.  Few to no crashes and no problems.  Windows on the same
machine constantly runs into problems.

I've not had nautilus crash when idle even when i have many tabs open
and some of those looking at local folders and others at networked file-

So, it sounds to me like MDV either has a corrupted version of Ubuntu or is getting the errors on Windows and somehow think they are on Ubuntu.  I would recommend buying some official Ubuntu Cds from the Canonical store and also try re-downloading Ubuntu from the official website.  It would be nice to nkow where he/she got the version of Ubuntu from so that we could try to stop corrupted versions from being distributed.

Regards from
Tom :)

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  Microsoft has a majority market share

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Bug description:
  Microsoft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC
  marketplace. This is a bug which Ubuntu and other projects are meant
  to fix. As the philosophy of the Ubuntu Project states, "Our work is
  driven by a belief that software should be free and accessible to

  "Ubuntu software is free. Always was, always will be. Free software gives everyone the freedom to use it however they want and share with whoever they like. This freedom has huge benefits. At one end of the spectrum it enables the Ubuntu community to grow and share its collective experience and expertise to continually improve all things Ubuntu. At the other, we are able to give access to essential software for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it – an advantage that’s keenly felt by individuals and organisations all over the world."

  Non-free software leaves users at the mercy of the software owner and
  concentrates control over the technology which powers our society into
  the hands of a few. Additionally, proprietary software stifles
  innovation, maintains artificial scarcities, and enables malicious
  anti-features such as DRM, surveillance, and other monopolistic

  This bug is widely evident in the PC industry.

  Steps to repeat:

      1. Visit a local PC store.
      2. Attempt to buy a machine without any proprietary software.

  What happens:

  Almost always, a majority of PCs for sale have Microsoft Windows pre-
  installed. In the rare cases that they come with a GNU/Linux operating
  system or no operating system at all, the drivers and BIOS may be

  What should happen:

  A majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software.


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