Comment 1708 for bug 1

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 12:29 PM, Warren Hill <email address hidden> wrote:
> I think we need to work with schools. When a kid comes home from school
> saying I need a computer for school then the parents naturally go out
> and buy something that does the same as the school computer.

I already heard about a school telling parents that they need to buy a
Windows-PC because of several Windows-material, they use.

Never, ever would I buy a Windows-PC for my kids. Apart from that that
they will never see anything else but Ubuntu until they get into

Unfortunately they same ignorance I see in professional IT companies
and software development companies. I have talked to a customer a few
weeks ago who doesn't have a Windows AD-Domain and doesn't want to
have Windows servers at all, but he told me that he has to use them
because certain software is running only on Windows servers but they
need that software...

So certainly there would be demand but it does not really work with
the supply. That's because people accept the Windows where the
alternatives lack of functionality and where the vendors stick with
their ignorance. Vendors can only ignore Linux where the alternatives
lack and where the the critical mass hasn't yet switched to
Linux/Ubuntu. Only then they would loose a big amount business without
providing platform independent (or pure Linux) solutions.

Best regards, Martin.