Comment 1695 for bug 1

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 12:24 AM, Faldegast <email address hidden> wrote:
> Check for a FOSS Linux driver BEFORE you buy a printer or scanner. If there are a high quality FOSS driver now, there will be decades from now...

Indeed - I always check the OS support of the hardware before buying.
But instead of searching a lot, for example when buying a laptop, I
tell my vendor, that the thingy must be fully Linux compatible
otherwise they get it thrown back. Worked so far.

So the hardware support is IMHO not the problem. For the unsupported
hardware it is the non-thinking of it when buying the stuff.

Much more of a problem is it, when I anyway face annoying bugs, e.g.
docking station support in Ubuntu 10.04 (it took my hours to sort out
the issue and find a workaround). Currently in 12.04 that seems to be
solved (Juhu!), but on the other hand I have problems starting
applications written in Mono for example - Unity launcher simply
doesn't get it. Because you were talking of printers: There was
somebody in my neighbourhood to whom I gave Ubuntu and using
SimpleScan there was an annoying bug that caused scans
(Printer+Scanner) to be scanned with the wrong paper format all the
time (although manually configured correctly). - These are the real
annoyances in my opinion, because they take me 80 % of installation
and configuration time and that reminds me too much to Windows.

Best regards, Martin.