Comment 1693 for bug 1

On 05/23/2012 09:30 AM, Hein wrote:
> ... Need a scanner: no problem for Windows or OSX: just look
> for the respective logos on the box in the shops. Linux: search for
> supported devices, read what features are or are not supported, and try
> to get this (mostly outdated) model.

I have actually had the totally opposite result. I plug in any Cannon
Lide scanner and it just works. Any HP stand alone scanner, and it just
works. On Windows 7, I needed to buy software for the HP scanners, and
could not get some of the Cannon scanners to work. Only found one
scanner that would not work with Linux, a Microtik, and it was total
junk. It was replaced on Windows with an HP and a paid driver...

And if you buy hardware with no research, whatever the OS, you have a
good chance of getting disappointing junk.

(By the way... How does a scanner get "outdated?" I mean, aren't the
features mostly set now?)