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João Pio (joao-pio) wrote :

This bug is especially evident in Portugal. Most computer stores are barely aware anything not related to windows.
Most large computer store atendants will look strangelly if you ask them anything about linux. That or they will say that store does not support Linux at all.

Don't fool yourselves.
Most Computer stores in my country sell counterfit copies of windows, and even tho most stores make you pay for fake goods no one cares about that, not even microsoft. Babies grow up spoon fed by windows and they will one day be spoon fed windows adults.

If at all possible this bug could have to do with the inability, or disconfort in most peoples mind that seems to tell them that Microsoft windows works and Linux might not.

There should be a Forum in which people would put their success stories about what they installed and how. What is supported and what isn't. This is missing in practicly all distros I've seen.
We in the linux world must make sure people can find out if their computer works in Ubuntu.
Marketing needs to be planned. If you market your solution just because you have it, then if you fail your image is burnt.