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Alexandru Bradescu-Popa (alexbradescv) wrote : Yes and no

I am in 97% agree with us but, let's be fair and tell all that:
1. All the PC's for sale shoud be clean and, when I go to buy it, to decide what I want to have and the store to install it for me.
2. Ubuntu shoud be marketed in his way (the amazing way). It's an serious OS user-friendly, but, like all in his gang (well almost all distros) not idiot-friendly.
3. Totally agree with just one adnotation: The user itself must be upgrade it. :-)))

Here, in Romania, only the big magazines are selling the PC'es with windoze preinstaled, the little ones are selling their systems with Linux (various distros) but installed in a manner that makes the computer useless. :-))