Comment 6 for bug 1592990

Ron Argent (ron-argent) wrote :

As i understand the v700 connection - it is FCP encaptulated in FICON. So I assuem that the actual transmission from zVM to the channel subsystem (the trace output) would be FICON protocol not FCP. The actual device would see the FCP after it has been stripped of the FICON wrapper by the switch.
If I am correct in the above - does the Ubuntu build support this? Is this where the problem lies!?


I am adding an update from another site (I hope that's within the rules) - it could be useful

From: Linux on 390 Port [mailto:<email address hidden>] On Behalf Of Stefan Haberland
> ======================================================================
> ==========
>> -> 0000000000002590 SSCH B2339000 000000000000FF20 CC 0
>> SCH 0000 DEV 0100
>> CPA 00008410 PARM 00000000 KEY 0 FPI 80 LPM 80
>> VDEV 0100 CCW 66400001 00000080 STS 0E
>> -> 0000000000002590 SSCH B2339000 000000000000FF20 CC 3
>> Start subchannel failed
> :
>> HCPGIR450W CP entered; disabled wait PSW 00020000 80000000 00000000
> 00004502
> Hmmmm.... What the heck is CCW op code X'66'? Something took the device
> offline or detached it from the guest. A real I/O error would have been
> reflected to the OPERATOR's console.

I do not know where the CCW 0x66 comes from. The bootloader only uses 0x06, 0x41, 0x42, 0x43 and 0x63 for FBA.
Also I was unable to reproduce this issue on my system but one of our tester reported he was able to do so.
I will try to investigate what happens.