Comment 3 for bug 1592990

It is a while since I tried to read those dumps.
It seems sequential CCW'S in the beginning and then switching to repeat the same CCW/SSH group all the time.

Since the one that eventually fails doesn't seem to be different of the ones before - and those repeat - I wonder if Linux is already in error/recovery retry mode before to then give up eventually.

Also I'd be curious what your vdev 0100 actually is - since it is FCP only setup.
It that an EDEV or is it the bit of initial setup of virtual hba?
Anyway attaching an output of "Q V" and a "Q EDEV ALL" and describing your disk setup in general so we could try to recreate might help.

Finally a dump of the stopped system might help to indicate its last status.
 Prep your dump disk, then after crash
 cp cpu all stop
 cp cpu 0 store status
 cp ipl <yourdumpdisk>
But given you already attached a trace you clearly know what you are doing and can use the way to dump that you personally prefer.