Comment 3 for bug 615788

Martin Spacek (mspacek) wrote :

I think this should be reopened (I don't have permissions to reopen the original bug for ubuntu-website, so I reopened for launchpad instead - sorry for the hassle). This issue is not solved. The issue is that the *default* port 11371 used for the keyserver is blocked in most corporate environments (like mine). Furthermore, the error messages from Synaptic and add-apt-repository are a fairly generic "can't retrieve repository key" and "can't connect to keyserver" respectively (I'm paraphrasing). This is bad. All these problems could be fixed by changing the default to something less likely to be blocked, like 443, or perhaps 80. Now that I think about it, this would not only have to happen on the server side (which has already happened for port 80), but also on the client side. Maybe apt and/or synaptic should be added to this bug?