Comment 31 for bug 585940

 There's such a thing as consistency.

 I understand these reasons. " - A 32 bit install will work on a 64 bit machine. A 64 bit install will not work on a 32 bit machine. - 32 bit machines are still being sold in retail stores, so it is more than just phasing out the machines that are currently out there. - Possible issues with flash and firefox, and possibly even other applications when running 64 bit. - Possible issues with drivers when running 64 bit." and it would've made sense if they'd been on the page since day one. But the "not recommended" text is barely one month old.

 If one visits, specifically looking for the 64-bit users forum, one will find it has been closed for months with the message "The closure of this forums is based on the fact that 64 bit Ubuntu has matured and there are very few 64 bit specific issues."

 Two seemingly official messages, 180 degrees apart.