Comment 30 for bug 585940

This bug is currently being further investigated by the website team to determine if it is something that should be changed, and if so, how it should be changed. There are a number of reasons that are valid both for it being changed and not being changed. Points have already been made for reasons to change it. I will make a few points for reasons not to change it. Please note: I'm not saying I agree with not changing it, I am only providing the other side of the coin.

 - A 32 bit install will work on a 64 bit machine. A 64 bit install will not work on a 32 bit machine.
 - 32 bit machines are still being sold in retail stores, so it is more than just phasing out the machines that are currently out there.
 - Possible issues with flash and firefox, and possibly even other applications when running 64 bit.
 - Possible issues with drivers when running 64 bit.

Please be assured that a solution is trying to be found, but know that it may not come as quickly as some would like. For the time being, please do not change the status of this bug as it is currently set at its correct status. I will try to keep this bug updated if there are any changes as research is done.