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Seriously ...
I think it is more than just wording or the Microsoft way of deflecting
attention to problems.
My first dual boot was back in 2001 with RedHat ... heck, I've even loaded a
router module on floppy and ran it on an old 486 for a homemade router. I've
been a developer just as long and I TOTALLY agree with the author of this
recent article -

but, if Ubuntu is to take it's rightful pace on users desktops, then these
issues have to be addresses and resolved in an open and traditionally Linux
successful way - not swept under

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Merk, it is never as easy as it appears on the surface. :-(

We don't recommend 64bit on desktops when the simplest user experience
is desired. We DO recommend 64bit on servers (it is checked by default

Text reads "not recommended" for 64-bit
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Status in Ubuntu Website Content: In Progress

Bug description:
On it shows the options
for 32bit and 64bit

32-bit - Recommended for most users
64-bit - Not recommended for daily desktop usage

Why is 64-bit not recommended? I've used it for years and aside from
netbooks (whose users would most likely choose UNE) I don't know if any
computer released in the last few years that doesn't support 64-bit.

Unlike Microsoft's webpage for Windows 7, doesn't even an
explanation as to the differences between 32 and 64-bit operating systems,
nor how a user could tell if they can run it.
Apple even shows 64-bit as a positive bullet point in its Snow Leopard, why
is Ubuntu treating 64-bit like a beta?

I understand there should be some precaution since the user may have a
computer that doesn't run 64-bit, but I think the wording "not recommended
for daily desktop usage" is poor.

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