Comment 108 for bug 585940

The wording is being changed for 10.10 release day. It is going to be something like:
[ x ] 32 bit (recommended)
[ ] 64 bit

The reason is that we want people to have a great experience even if they read nothing and just hit the giant orange "download button." All form fields are defaulted so that people will get a sane and usable experience without having to make a decision.

Let me re-iterate that there are two separate conversations going on here:

 1. The website pushes people to 32bit in a way that bothers some
 2. 32bit Ubuntu desktop is or isn't simpler to run and configure for new users than 64bit Ubuntu

This bug is about point #1. If you want to make 64bit Ubuntu better or discuss anything related to point #2 than this bug is not the place to discuss it.