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Today, on the metro, I have seen an iPad user swiping from the middle to up
to get the application closed. I am not so sure whether we can do the same
thing in the multitasking display (by swiping from right to left). We can
throw the app to up, then close the app. An user had the same thought as
me, proposing a closing all button or function somewhere to close all of
the running apps. We do need the feature since we may have more than 10
running apps, then the multitasking display is more crowded, and closing
each of them one by one is troublesome as well.

For the home screen, I think it would be easy to go/find. That is normally
referred to as a base for navigation. People like to find a home, then
navigate to other places. For us, the home is a lot of screen, and this may
be a little bit confusing.

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On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 11:24 PM, Ruby Hatem <email address hidden>

> These are all valid points, however they are part of a much bigger
> conversation than what we can achieve for RTM. The concept of a home
> screen, how much we can allow users to customise and what is the best
> way to access the launcher are all things that we are still looking at.
> I was initially trying to think of a quick fix while we tackle the
> bigger issues but thinking about it further, I am not sure there is a
> "quick fix" at this point.
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> Ubuntu floating home button
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> Since we do not have the hardware keys, I am thinking whether we can
> have a floating circle (top most) kind of thing like what iPhone has.
> The feature is called "apple floating home button". Tap it, and it
> pops up a menu to navigate, and a user can drag it to anywhere of the
> screen if it blocks you.
> I personally think it is a useful feature to the end users, and it is
> a convenience. We can use it to navigate to the scope, application, or
> other pages.
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