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From my personal point of view, leaving the launcher always on may not be a
good idea since it occupies the usable areas, and a user may not know how
to make it automatic. Making the icon a special one is a good idea from
them or whatever means. During the power-up, do we need to show the icon to
get more acquaintance?

Again, what is the definition of being "home" on ubuntu phone or tablet? I
think it is quite confusing as well. Is the home the "Apps" page, "Scope"
page, "Videos" page or the "Music" page? In fact, I am a little lot as well
since we seem to have many home by swiping from the left to the right, and
sometimes, swiping from the left to right does not seem to move at all. To
a lot of people, the "Apps" page is the home.

Another observation is that some users like to close the app if it is not
going to be used. For me, it is the case too. I like to free the resources,
or close the apps to disconnect network access to make sure no data is
wasted. I find people the difficulty to close the apps after they have been
launched. I once reported a new feature to close all.

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On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 9:34 PM, Ruby Hatem <email address hidden>

> Thank you very much for this. It is really helpful.
> You have touched on a number of issues and themes in your reply which are
> all valid point to explore. To be able to suggest the right design
> solution, it is always helpful to single out the problem we are trying to
> solve, which according to the points you raised, appears to be the users
> recognition of the home button. There are three elements here:
> 1. Locating the path to the home button (in this case knowing that it
> lives in the launcher)
> 2. Visual recognition (icon design to indicate the expected behaviour)
> 3. Once 1 and 2 are comprehended, the ability to quickly perform the
> action.
> I think that the first 2 points need attention which will automatically
> achieve point 3. To enhance the recognition of the home button I suggest
> the following:
> 1. Have the launcher always visible by default, and allow users to
> hide/show it in settings. This will allow first time users to better
> understand and get acquainted with the structure of their new phones.
> 2. Revise the icon design, while aligning with other form factors to
> maintain consistency.
> What are your thoughts on this?
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> Title:
> Ubuntu floating home button
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> New
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> Incomplete
> Bug description:
> Since we do not have the hardware keys, I am thinking whether we can
> have a floating circle (top most) kind of thing like what iPhone has.
> The feature is called "apple floating home button". Tap it, and it
> pops up a menu to navigate, and a user can drag it to anywhere of the
> screen if it blocks you.
> I personally think it is a useful feature to the end users, and it is
> a convenience. We can use it to navigate to the scope, application, or
> other pages.
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