Comment 7 for bug 502610

Hi David,

The problem is that characters in a word always have different fonts in software-center, that means, looking at the attachment which JimHu added in his first comment, the second icon on the first row, it is the entry "Universal Access" in English, and we translate it into "全局访问" in Chinese (Simplified), you can see the fonts of "全局" and "访问" are different in the captured picture, and they should be in the same font.

On my own I only find this problem affect software-center, but it may affect more applications.

In the picture JimHu looks to be using Chinese (Simplified) as I do, and I haven't tried to use Chinese (Traditional) yet, but I believe we have the same problem.

I find that software-center display those characters which defined by $LANGUAGES but not $LC_* or $LANG when I tried to switch to English locale to see the string "Universal Access" just now.

Aron Xu