desktop-common missing support for Asian fonts

Bug #1437875 reported by Jung-Kyu Park on 2015-03-29
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Ubuntu Seeds

Bug Description

1. Select an Asian language of some kind (e.g. Korean, Chinese, Japanese)
2. Boot to a live system or installed system

Asian characters appear.

Asian characters do not appear, but are replaced by boxes indicating that the font does not have support for that character set.

 * 15.04, 15.10

 * trusty desktop seed has "extra fonts" (
 * revision 302 of the seeds for lubuntu.vivid and lubuntu.wily removes this, with a note that they should be specified by desktop-common but it's not (e.g.

Jung-Kyu Park (bagjunggyu) wrote :

At first I understand that bagjunggyu chose "Lubuntu next" to perform bug report
for current Lubuntu because there is not a proper project name.
The Lubuntu project member should notice this problem.

I meet with the same problem as a Japanese user.
This problem produces not only Korean but also Chinese, Japanese,
and there are many influence people whom there is in a problem.

This cause is that package "fonts-droid" was lost in iso of Lubuntu 15.04.
I know the thing in capacity restrictions of the CD size a factor of deleting it a package.
but I think that there is the package which you should delete with precedence than fonts-droid. (Is it iBus?)

The evasion means of this problem:
1. choose English and live boot
2. install the font of the language to use in Synaptic or apt
3. choose Lubuntu installation icon and work on installation

summary: - Korean fonts displayed as xboxes in ubiquity
+ Asian font is lost by live boot of Lubuntu 15.04

I renewed an original sentence to enlarge the range of the problem.

Because it was thought that this was a different problem, Kubuntu deleted the sentence.
Please solve this place separately:

description: updated
summary: - Asian font is lost by live boot of Lubuntu 15.04
+ Asian font is lost by live boot and installing of Lubuntu 15.04
description: updated
Changed in lubuntu-next:
status: New → Confirmed

Thank you for reviewing this report , and here is another reference report related to this symptom
It has been accured also to the Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 , and it was resolved quickly by the Ubuntu-MATE team
I hope it can be help

I recognize that this problem of Lubuntu is different from a problem of Ubuntu MATE.
Even if there is few it, Ubuntu MATE can display Japanese normally conventionally.

I consider that it is package deletion to conclude the factor of this problem within CD size of 700MB.
The Lubuntu developer must examine a solution from this stage.

I press Lubuntu developer for the following suggestion:

- delete the package about iBus from the ISO of Lubuntu.
- include an Asian font in the ISO instead.

I grasped that Lubuntu included Fcitx in 15.10 Alpha 1.
Probably this influences overall Ubuntu flavor under the influence of UbuntuKylin.
Because Fcitx is a package for iBus, the iBus package must delete it.

When you abolish ISO capacity of 700MB in the future, please examine ISO addition of Fcitx.

Because this problem was continuing in Lubuntu 15.10 Alpha 1, I updated it.

summary: - Asian font is lost by live boot and installing of Lubuntu 15.04
+ Asian font is lost by live boot and installing of Lubuntu 15.04 and
+ 15.10
description: updated
Walter Lapchynski (wxl) wrote :

MATE went for fonts-nanum but it seems fonts-droid is the missing package. Why would we use one over another?

summary: - Asian font is lost by live boot and installing of Lubuntu 15.04 and
- 15.10
+ Lubuntu seed missing support for Asian fonts
Walter Lapchynski (wxl) on 2015-08-17
description: updated
Changed in lubuntu-next:
importance: Undecided → High
tags: added: vivid wily
affects: lubuntu-next → ubuntu-seeds
Walter Lapchynski (wxl) wrote :

There, dug a little bit deeper and answered my own question. Seems like this issue might be more common to the whole project rather than affecting one or two flavors.

description: updated
summary: - Lubuntu seed missing support for Asian fonts
+ desktop-common missing support for Asian fonts

I grasped that Lubuntu might be still used in a PC having a CD drive.
However, even a language except Asia will be detrimental in future when Lubuntu maintains ISO of 700MB.

Therefore I want to perform such a suggestion to divide ISO of Lubuntu into newly:
- ISO of 700MB that a premise made live boot only in English
- The ISO which does not arrange the capacity restrictions in correspondence with many languages

Lubuntu may in this way save many users.

Walter Lapchynski (wxl) wrote :

I'm not sure that the Ubuntu Release Team would enjoy that idea. We're the only team with more than one images and they've been wanting to have us figure out a way to stop that. It seems to me that the problem has more to do with an incorrect assumption than with an issue with size.

Julien Lavergne (gilir) wrote :

Currently, fonts installed on lubuntu are the following (inherent from desktop-common) :
 * fonts-dejavu-core
 * fonts-freefont-ttf

Others flavors may have the following installed (inherent also from desktop-common, but not installed on lubuntu, because we don't install recommends) :
 * (fonts-kacst-one)
 * (fonts-takao-pgothic)
 * (fonts-khmeros-core)
 * (ttf-indic-fonts-core)
 * (fonts-guru)
 * (fonts-thai-tlwg)
 * (fonts-lao)
 * (ttf-ubuntu-font-family)
 * (fonts-sil-padauk)
 * (fonts-tibetan-machine)
 * (fonts-sil-abyssinica)
 * (fonts-lklug-sinhala)
 * (ttf-ancient-fonts-symbola)

Extra fonts was removed from lubuntu because I assumed (maybe wrongly) that desktop-common will take care of this, not a size-problem decision. However, it's difficult to know exactly which font is necessary for each languages. Adding back some fonts is possible, but I would like to minimize them, to limit the size impact.

Because there is the user who does not understand the acuteness of this problem,
I explain this problem again.

When a user chose this language in Lubuntu 15.04 and 15.10, a problem occurs:
- 中文 (Chinese)
- 한국어 (Korean)
- 日本語 (Japanese)

When a user chose these among a start menu by this language, a problem came to occur:
- Try Lubuntu without installing
- Install Lubuntu

Lubutnu 15.04 lost these fonts, this display the attached image file.
Therefore user cannot display by their language and cannot operate live boot and installation.
Lubuntu must let you restore so that an Asian user is usable normally by including these fonts in the ISO.

I examined the problem with plural Japanese users.
The suggestion that is most suitable as Japanese users is "add fonts-takao-pgothic to the Lubuntu ISO".
(The package size is 3.3MB)

"fonts-droid" was included in the Lubuntu ISO to 14.10. It can display Chinese and Japanese.
(The package size is 4MB)

It can be settled in these fonts about Japanese.

Jung-Kyu Park (bagjunggyu) wrote :

For Korean, "fonts-nanum" solved this issue , it is 8,709KB
So, it means, seen by comments and other reports,
We asians need fonts by their characters.

The Lubuntu developer performs the correspondence of the Asian font for these past several days.

I booted 15.10 Daily Build 20150921, and Japanese became able to display it normally.
Korean seems need confirmation. The users confirm boot and to report it.

Jung-Kyu Park (bagjunggyu) wrote :

The version of Ubuntu 15.10 Daily Buid of 2015-09-21, It works fine for displaying Korean and Hangul
This issue was resolved for Korean, but I noticed 4 languages are still displayed boxes
I hope it could be resolved to, and for the Lubuntu 15.04.

Jung-Kyu Park (bagjunggyu) wrote :

Lubuntu 15.10 Daily build

Phill Whiteside (phillw) wrote :

Keiichi Shiga:
 I booted Lubuntu 15.10 Daily Build(20150921) from the ISO and confirmed that I became able to display it in Japanese.

Report from Facebook.

This problem has recurred in Lubuntu 16.04 ISO.
Currently Japanese can not be displayed in the live launch of the ISO.

Package fonts-noto-cjk on behalf of the package fonts-droid has been adopted.

but, fonts-noto-cjk does not take into account the Japanese.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

Yes, baloon, fonts-noto-cjk indeed takes Japanese into account. The problem is that Lubuntu still tries to seed fonts-droid (which is no longer in the Xenial archive) but should seed fonts-noto-cjk instead.

Jung-Kyu Park (bagjunggyu) wrote :

I've checked it in Lubuntu 16.04 Beta-2, and They don't use ubiquity anymore.!?
Debian installer leads installation process now.
Is it normal or Did I make a wrong installable USB ?

Jung-Kyu Park (bagjunggyu) wrote :

BALLOON it works fine for Japanese , 2016-03-27 Lubuntu Daily Build iso image.
fonts were changed to fonts-noto-cjk.

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