Comment 0 for bug 1531864

Partly a dupe of 1503051 and partly separate. I think we should consider reporting on HTTP/2 support as a separate item that covers both Apache and nginx.

HTTP/2 support in Apache httpd and nginx

HTTP/2 support is considered an experimental feature by both the nginx and Apache httpd upstream projects, and so we do not consider it suitable or maintainable for the 5 year supported period of this LTS release. Therefore HTTP/2 support is disabled in both the builds for nginx and Apache httpd.

We expect to issue stable release updates enabling HTTP/2 support after the respective upstreams consider this support to be non-experimental, although this will depend on our assessment of the risk of regression to existing Xenial users at that time.

[insert instructions for what users can do to get it instead here, for example rebuild or use teward's nginx PPA, etc]