Comment 37 for bug 1681909

After updating the package for eaon-proposed with the fix for ppc64 (thanks Eric!), I've manually tested that version and it's working fine, being able to collect the kernel crash dump.
The version I've tested is:

$ rmadison makedumpfile | grep eoan-proposed
 makedumpfile | 1:1.6.6-2ubuntu1 | eoan-proposed | source, amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, ppc64el, s390x

Even with my positive test results, the autopkgtest is broken and keep failing for ppc64, according to:

According to the above test, we can see 2 important things:
a) The last time it succeeded was : "makedumpfile/1:1.6.5-1ubuntu2 2019-06-20".
And we can see in fact the ppc64 test was Skipped, that's the reason it succeeded.

b) Even the current released version for eoan, 1:1.6.5-1ubuntu2, is failing according to the autopkgtest that ran on: "makedumpfile/1:1.6.5-1ubuntu2 2019-07-25". This test was triggered due to makedumpfile being a reverse dependency of "file".

Also, I've try to replicate the test in one local powerpc64 server, using autopkgtest. My command-line was:

I've switched 2 parameters, having 4 tests results:

1) With "--apt-pocket=proposed=src:makedumpfile" (to test -proposed version) and "--nova-reboot":

2) With "--apt-pocket=proposed=src:makedumpfile" (to test -proposed version) only

3) Without both parameters above (testing the released version)

4) Only with "--nova-reboot":

In all cases I've failed, with "Broken Pipe" in a late part of the test. During the failure, I could even SSH into the testbed, so something clearly is wrong with the test.

I'd like to ask hereby an exemption from this test, marking it as "badtest" in ppc64.
Cascardo, do you agree? I think we could release this package before the Eoan freeze, which is sane (based on manual tests made by a colleague and I), we shouldn't block based on a test that was always skipped.

We still plan to continue investigating the test failure, until we can fix it.