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Paula Doird (paula-diord) wrote :

First step should be to make Onboard available at touchpads and most important at Android at all!
Today Onboard is a linux app - not an android app.
Running linux chrooted on Android is a matter of minutes.
But having a working Keyboard for the linux apps and the java apps running chrooted is a matter of weeks!
Onboard is not working in this envronment - there is no x keyboard available.
(See the bug reports on this site)
If Onboard would run on Android in the chrooted envronment it would be a killer app!!
A virtual keyboard resizeable, moveable is a must in linux and java apps - these apps are not made and not designed for the android keyboard fixed to the bottom of the screen.
Onboard is much more usable and sophisticated than the android keyboard!!

Make it available for chrooted linux versions on android and you are writing history!
Its the most important modul to run linux on each touchscreen, be it small or large!