Comment 37 for bug 1292398


Sorry to comment on a meta-issue, but it concerns me when you say:

"What your company is doing is their decision, not a lot we can do. Changing OS over a bug doesn't seems like a rationnal decision, your company could have looked at this issue, and contributed a fix for likely a lot less of efforts than it's going to take them to change systems on a thousand mahcines."

As an open source developer, I too get a little frustrated by responses saying they will switch to a competitor. However, I also think it is dangerous to entirely dismiss such feedback. Changing OS over a bug does seem like a lot of work, so you have to ask yourself why? Perhaps it is because it is becoming all too frequent with ubuntu that your desire to add new featues is causing you to frequently break existing behaviours. This bug is not an isolated occurance and my own user experience is that the gnome3 ubuntu desktop experience is that things that have worked for literally decades are likely to just break and stay broken for some time. Since 14.04 I've had issues with sloppy mouse focus, screen lock, suspend/resume and now screen placement.

I really think ubuntu needs to give higher priority in your processes to broken existing behaviour.