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Bug #1751546: the net installer doesn't install gnome-vanilla High New 70 weeks

From: Tim Lunn
Link: tasksel-fix-vanilla-gnome.debdiff


Bug #1631750: Language installation doesn't work in Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 Settings app High Confirmed 120 weeks

From: Tim Lunn
Link: g-c-c-packagekit_api_fix.patch


Bug #1443052: User accounts login history showing incorrect history - patch Low Triaged 141 weeks

From: Wise Melon
Link: FixLogoutTimesInLogin-HistoryTrusty.debdiff


Bug #1548425: update-manager crashed with AttributeError in check_hovering(): 'tuple' object has no attribute 'get_tags' Undecided Confirmed 165 weeks

From: Marius Gedminas
Link: backport-lp1548425-to-xenial.debdiff

backport of the fix to Xenial

Bug #1566091: GNOME Classic: Text of taskbar button of current window is nearly invisible Undecided New 171 weeks

From: J. J. Ramsey
Link: classic.css.diff

Patch to fix color for text in focused taskbar button in GNOME classic

Bug #1262068: nvidia-prime should support gdm also Medium Triaged 278 weeks

From: Tim Lunn
Link: gpu-manager.patch

Add gdm to gpu-manager upstart task

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