Comment 8 for bug 1551283

I have uploaded modified versions of im-config and language-selector to this PPA:

Please feel free to upload and test.

With those changes, im-config (and gnome-language-selector) will default to IBus in Ubuntu GNOME. I added an exception for Ubuntu GNOME, so it will not default to fcitx even if a CJKV language is used as the display language. This seemed to be the most reasonable solution, considering the limitations of gnome-control-center in this respect.

I also changed pkg_depends so it pulls IBus IM engines for Chinese in Ubuntu GNOME. (Currently it does not.)

It should be noted that you don't need to install language-selector-gnome to switch between IM frameworks (IBus, fcitx, etc.). It can be done from the im-config GUI "Input Method Configuration" or from command line.

Let me know if you have any objections on the proposed changes.

Personally I think it would make sense to at least try to *allow* the users to use fcitx, even if g-c-c doesn't support it. Possibly it would require that the settings of the IM related environment variables in gnome-session are commented. (im-config sets them anyway as long as IBus is the selected IM framework.) I added a gnome-session task as a reminder. ;)

@Nikita: The input source you should use for typing Japanese is "Japanese (Anthy)" or possibly "Japanese (Mozc)".