Comment 6 for bug 1551283

I see, so you do have both language-selector-common and im-config. In that case it's important that we do *something*.

Just switching to ibus by default all over would be a slightly more complex change.

It should be noted that as regards the Chinese languages, pkg_depends does currently (16.04) not pull any ibus IM engine. The switch to fcitx as the default for CJKV languages has been done at request of the CJKV users.

Does fcitx at all work on Ubuntu GNOME? I can't tell for sure, but I know that it was possible to use fcitx in Unity before unity-control-center had been changed to support fcitx. However, then you had to use the fcitx tools for enabling and switching between input methods. It would need to be tested for Ubuntu GNOME.

So we have two options, I suppose:

1) Same as Unity (if it works), which is in accordance with what most
   CJKV users prefer, but would result in a more complex UI for input
   method switching for them (i.e. g-c-c can't be used).

2) ibus default all over, which would not break the use of g-c-c for IM

@Tim: Your decision. ;)

@Aron: Any thoughts on the topic?