Comment 40 for bug 1551283

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

There have been some discussions on IRC (#ubuntu-desktop) which have clarified the confusion wrt unity-control-center and GNOME Flashback. One part of the solution is that u-c-c should not overwrite an already existing XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP value, and I've filed a MP (linked above) to fix that. Thanks Alkis for pointing at the right spot in the u-c-c source!

The other part is that the u-c-c task at bug #1554878 needs to be fixed.

@Dmitry: The result of this is that we keep the current difference between Unity and GNOME Flashback in this cycle, meaning that im-config does not start IBus or set the input method related environment variables by default on GNOME Flashback. This is to work around the problem with Greek typing which Alkis has reported.

I have uploaded language-selector and attached an im-config patch.