Comment 35 for bug 1551283

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

I did some testing with the latest packages in the PPA.

On Ubuntu GNOME it worked as expected. Whether the display language is English or Japanese, im-config starts IBus and sets ibus in the variables, and I can type Japanese. gnome-language-selector behaves in consistency with im-config.

On GNOME Flashback im-config seems to work as expected. When the display language is English, im-config does not start IBus or change any variables. When I start gnome-language-selector from the terminal, it behaves in consistency with im-config.


When I start gnome-language-selector from System Settings in GNOME Flashback, gnome-language-selector thinks that the applicable system default is "auto". Hence it shows that IBus is the selected IM framework, and creates a ~/.xinputrc file stating ibus. The reason proved to be that while XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP has the value "GNOME-Flashback:Unity" in the terminal, XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP has the value "Unity" when gnome-language-selector is started from the graphical environment. This undesired behavior is not due to the proposed changes in language-selector, but it's apparently there also with the current version.

My view right now is that at least these two issues should be further dealt with in separate bug reports:

* The incorrect XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP value in the graphical environment of GNOME Flashback. (Dmitry?)

* The failure (first time) to change the display language from Region & Language in Ubuntu GNOME. (Tim, if you can reproduce that problem, please feel free to subscribe me to a bug report. Considering that it worked after the language had been changed once using gnome-language-selector, the required change should reasonably not be very extensive.)

Since those pending issues won't likely result in any further changes to im-config or language-selector, personally I think the proposed packages in the PPA should go to the xenial archive now. Let me know.