Comment 34 for bug 1551283

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

On 2016-03-08 08:34, Tim wrote:
> However not really sure if the Flashback stuff is correct (edubuntu
> guys maintain that), but note on flashback is now using


> It is still using unity-settings-daemon/unity-control-center and
> presumably language-selector-gnome, so I guess it just uses the same
> config as Unity does? Now I wouldnt be surprised if there are
> snippets of code all over the place that don't support the above
> format, since they never broke on core ubuntu desktop.
> Otherwise
> + if os.environ.get('XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP')[-5:] in ['Unity',
> 'MATE', 'GNOME'] \
> + or locale.getlocale(locale.LC_CTYPE)[0][:3] in ['zh_',
> 'ja_', 'ko_', 'vi_']:
> os.environ.get('XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP').split(':')[-1]
> Would seem a little safer with the know use-cases

Yeah, your code is better. At the same time I now realize that this includes GNOME Flashback, which was not intended, so I just uploaded a new language-selector version to the PPA.

> 'MATE' -o "${XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP##*:}" = 'GNOME' ]; then
> that won't match for Flashback (I don't know if its meant to
> though?)

Right, it's deliberately.