Comment 11 for bug 1551283

On 2016-03-06 11:08, Alkis Georgopoulos wrote:
> Hi, I've tested the packages from the PPA under Xenial's
> gnome-flashback, and now I got ibus running by default. And it again
> breaks keyboard layout switching with the default Win+Space, so I
> can't type in Greek (LP: #1481025).

Thanks for testing! Bad news, apparently. :(

May I ask: Which display language are you using? If it's something else but Greek, can you please switch to Greek, log out, log in again, and then try to type in Greek (with IBus running). Does that make a difference?

Also, just to make sure: Is your Xenial updated with the latest package versions?

> Why can't im-config default to ibus in locales that need it, and to
> None in locales that don't need it, as it did in previous Ubuntu
> releases?

Well, it started with bug #1550325, where it was reported that some applications need IBus to work. Maybe that's true for other flavors but MATE. Then there is the inconsistency in Ubuntu GNOME, which led to the confusion resulting in this bug report.

> Apart from the serious problems that it's causing, it's also wasting
> a lot of MB RAM per user,

Nah, I don't think IBus requires a lot of memory. Please note that IBus is running in Unity and Ubuntu GNOME, whatever the settings are. (Only some environment variables differ.) I don't know about Gnome Flashback in this respect.