Comment 57 for bug 1505409

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Update: Now we've had the fix for bug 1746874 released in 18.04 for a couple of weeks we should be able to see some correlation between gnome-shell and Xwayland crashes, if there's any at all.

But we don't see any correlation. In the past week, Ubuntu 18.04 has hit this gnome-shell crash 5967 times (via bug 1748450) and Xwayland's top crash has only happened 60 times over the same period.

So now we really have to assume that either:
 (a) Xwayland is not crashing at all and gnome-shell is mistaking some transient error for a crash; or
 (b) Xwayland is crashing/exiting and failing to dump core, failing to leave a crash file.