Comment 11 for bug 392799

I think that there are a couple of ways that we can deal with this issue. Perhaps an "idle" bot can be present and when someone hasn't made any comments within 24 hours it temporarily boots the offending Nick (no offense nali :-)). This would cut down the amount of people in the channel overall but still allows rejoins. I too am guilty at times of lurking there myself. Usually it's only in case someone is in need of help and I have a little extra time on my hands and I forget to leave the channel when I am finished. With the size of the channel, and so many people it is difficult to utilize that channel to provide solid help to those in need.

Perhaps a bot can be coded up that listens for keywords and notifies a group of willing individuals that someone actually does need help based on those keywords?? When the individual or group is notified if anyone has the time they could simply join the channel and provide assistance. This is just a basic idea that I would welcome any input to refine!

Thanks for your time!

Chris Crisafulli