Comment 8 for bug 1427566

Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

I have a UX request when setting the timer. In addition to setting the time remaining until it expires (as you'd expect), I'd like to also switch to the ability to setting the clock time that I want it to expire. This would be very similar to setting an alarm of course, but the alarm setting UI is geared towards persistent alarms, not ephemeral ones.

Example use case: there's a one-off thing I need to do at 2pm. I could set an alarm for 2pm by adding a new alarm, and then going in and deleting the alarm after it has rung but this is tedious. Alternatively I could calculate the time until 2pm myself and then quickly set a timer for that length of time. This way there is no alarm to delete after it has expired. I'd like to just go to the timer section and add a timer to ring at 2pm by toggling to an "ETA" display instead of "time remaining" and setting it from there.