Comment 3 for bug 1426519

nik90, what I mean is that the necessary information you're referring to would be encoded in the URL that is provided by clock-app (or by the alarm controls in ubuntu-ui-toollkit, depending on where that logic lives).

So I'd like to replace the current implentation ('url_dispatch("appid://com.ubuntu.calendar/calendar/current-user-version")') with something like 'url_dispatch(event.url)' where the url would be provided by clock/calendar/reminder and would read something like, say, 'appid://com.ubuntu.calendar/calendar/current-user-version?alarm=someAlarmId'

This would require clock-app (or the alarm controls) to add this code, but the advantage of this approach is it scales to future third-party apps as well as adding reminder to the current pool of clock & calendar.