Comment 0 for bug 1426519

indicator-datetime needs a way to dispatch an arbitrary URL when a user clicks on an ical event menuitem.

In practice, datetime currently has clock-app hardwired for dispatching alarms (dispatch_url('appid://com.ubuntu.clock/clock/current-user-version')) and calendar-app for everything else (dispatch_url('appid://com.ubuntu.calendar/calendar/current-user-version')).

There are two use cases that can be supported by datetime handling the URL property <>:

(1) Clicking on an alarm menuitem opens up clock-app to that specific alarm, rather than to clock-app's main page. Clock-app could specify the information it needs in the URL, then open the right page when passed that information later. indicator-datetime would act as a simple pass-through.

(2) non-calendar, non-alarm items such as from the reminders app as requested by mzanetti. The pattern would be the same as clock-app: Reminders would add whatever URL it wants, then datetime would act as a simple pass-through. This is preferable to adding more special cases to indicator-datetime.