Comment 10 for bug 1062737

Thomas Schmitt (scdbackup) wrote :


it is indeed a bug in xorriso.
The program parts for mjg's layout nicely prepare a MBR partition 2
as mirror of the GPT partition which marks the VFAT image file.
But then comes the code for partition offset 16, manipulates MBR
partition 1 and zeroizes the other three MBR partitions.

I will try to fix this now. (Have to examine the reason for
the zeroizing first. It is older than partition_offset and GPT
support. Simply omitting it smells like regression.)
If i succeed, i will prepare a GNU xorriso-1.2.5 development
snapshot tarball.

With the released xorriso-1.2.4 (resp. libisoburn-1.2.4) one
will have to omit -partition_offset 16 in order to get
-isohybrid-gpt-basdat into effect in MBR.

Be aware that your current boot test obviously did not use
GPT or APM partitions but the ones of MBR.

Have a nice day :)