Comment 98 for bug 1040557

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 02:58:44PM -0000, Val wrote:
> Steve, what does this all mean? If 'samsung-laptop' module is not loaded
> by Live CD 12.10 x86_64, then presumably I don't need to install the
> patched kernel with Colin King's modifications, right?

Colin King's change will have no effect for machines that don't use the
samsung-laptop module.

> My understanding is that Secure Boot implies the use of UEFI.


> While 'samsung-laptop' is not loaded, how safe is it to proceed with
> Ubuntu installation in Secure Boot mode?

We don't know. Our best understanding at present is that samsung-laptop is
the cause of the machine bricking under UEFI, but for obvious reasons this
is difficult to confirm with certainty.