Comment 84 for bug 1040557

thaimite (rcornish) wrote :

I have a similar problem which maybe related.
The machine was less than 2 weeks old when it failed last week.

Turned off fast boot, Installed Ubuntu 12.10 and all working well with minor compatibility issues.
Loaded applications from previous machine and did all updates with no problems.
Turned on FastBoot. /UEFI - Still working (BIG Mistake)
Updated Samsung BiOS to version 004 - Still working
With Fastboot /UEFI turned on and BIOS 004 - All OK
Rebooted many times - Some issues with Kernel panic and kernel when booting with a USB drive attached but otherwise OK. Note kernel Panic means disconnecting the battery with using the pin hole to turn off the machine and enable a reboot.

Put in a 12.10 Live CD to extract some files. - CD never completed booting, black screen. unable to enter BIOS or eject the CD.
Samsung state new Motherboard required.
The fact that this machine can be bricked just by trying to run a Live CD is a MAJOR issue which could effect potential first time users.