Comment 80 for bug 1040557

On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 11:13:55AM -0000, montini wrote:
> what are the actual benefits of booting UEFI way? Is it faster booting
> or what? Maybe the instant-on feature I now expirience on Win8?

Well, UEFI should boot faster than BIOS, yes. It is also, as you say, the
only way to boot the Windows 8 install, so you need this if you want dual

> 4. select install, and partition drives like I used to - separate "/",
> "home" and swap partitions (by the way - is it possible to install "/" into
> SSD part of the disk - how does that affect win8 - does it use it?)

Sorry, I don't know anything about the disk layout of the machine in
question. You'd have to see what options the Ubuntu partitioner gives you.

> 5. after successful installation - sudo apt-get update and upgrade
> 6. reboot, set the machine into "UEFI and CMS" mode? (what did you mean by "Once you have Ubuntu installed in CMS mode, it will be safe to dual boot") Because now when I set "CMS mode" - the win8 is not found/ does not bootup. Or will grub2 loader somehow find the win8 and put it into grub menu, and I am doomed to always boot in "CMS" mode as any atempt to switch BIOS to UEFI would result in a brick?

No! You *must* install Colin King's test kernel package, an apt-get update
&& upgrade is *not* sufficient. Rebooting to UEFI mode without first
installing the test kernel is VERY dangerous.
> By the way - I have upgraded the firmware BIOS to P05ABH (BIOS version
> and MICOM version). Is it reported to have the same bug, no patch yet?

Samsung has prepared a test patch internally which is not yet ready for
rollout to users.