Comment 77 for bug 1040557

montini (montini) wrote :

Is there any information if it is safe to start 12.10 live USB flash in mode "UEFI and CMS" (mixed bootloader) on NP530U3C-A05EE? Or only the plain CMS is safe at the moment? I.e. is it only possible to dual boot ubuntu and win8 by switching boot mode in the BIOS settings or "UEFI and CMS" method is safe aswell?
Bought this machine a few days ago and accidentally ran into this bug page (thank god though) - would've thought twice if I knew such issues are even possible :/
Typing from Win8 but I miss my ubuntu already.
BTW, I managed to run 12.10 liveUSB in plain "CMS" mode with no fatal consequences - but still was afraid to install it yet.