Comment 66 for bug 1040557

I am in a similar situation. Last week I bricked my 700Z3C during the installation of Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit from USB-Stick (unetbbotin). I could change the device without any problems. Now of course I am fear that I will run in the same problem if i try it again. But this time I would install from DVD. UEFI Boot is disabled in the BIOS. I have also updated the BIOS to Version P04AAG. I have also changed the partitions. That means that I have decreased the Windows-Partition to 120GB and created a 8GB Partition for swap and a 50GB ext4 partition for / and a large NTFS-Partition for data which I will use from Windows and from Linux. The 100MB System ans 21GB recovery partition I didn't touch. All these I have done with starting Ubuntu-DVD. I am still able to start Windows without any problem. The next step should be the Installation of Ubuntu in the prepared partition. But I will not brick the notebook again. Is it safe to install from DVD? Where i should install grub?