Comment 43 for bug 1040557

   1) what model of laptop do you have?
        > Samsung 5 series ultra (530U3C)
   2) When you say it's bricked twice - that's confusing, do you mean you've permenantly unrecoverably bricked two laptops, or do you mean you somehow recovered them?
        > Yes its bricked unrecoverable, so i bring the laptop to nearest Samsung center and they told me that they have to change the mainboard to recover my laptop. Since i had broke my laptop twice Samsung told me to not broke it again, so now i have no choice to run other OS than Windows :(
   3) What version of Ubuntu did you install at (1) ?
        > 12.04
   4) The boot at (2) was that a normal boot after the installation?
       > Yes the boot very normal, no problem at all
   5) In (3) did it upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu (which?)
       > Nope, i just update some package from ubuntu update manager
   6) Had you ever selecting the EFI boot options?
      > Yes, the EFI boot options is enabled, because i can't boot from usb if EFI disabled.