Comment 39 for bug 1040557

allocerceau (pkhbdb) wrote :

OK, so I just found out this bug while bricking my samsung laptop. I had trouble de install a windows 7 pro version over the home premium one, so I decided to try and install ubuntu.
I have (had ?) a series 3 samsung laptop, and tried to install 12.10 version of ubuntu.
The installation went well, until the computer rebooted to "blank" purple screen. I couldn't even shut down the laptop with a long press on the power button, so I forced shut down by removing the power cable. When I tried to power it on, I had and still have nothing on the screen (it powers on but nothing happens).

I tried to clear cmos by removing the battery inside but it was no use.
Connecting to another screen didn't help as well.
I also tried to long press the power button without any power supply (cable or battery).

I don't know what to do, and feel like I just lost 500€ (the laptop was never used). I am pretty upset.