Comment 256 for bug 1040557

Reimundo Heluani (rheluani) wrote :

I apologize for flooding this bug report but I posted in several samsung/linux related forums with no reply. I guess I got lucky with this laptop (530u3c-ad5br BIOS:p07abh) since the bios is supposed to be still affected by the bug but I installed gentoo with a kernel new enough to have the samsung-laptop module checking for UEFI at start and blacklisting itself. So I installed normally in UEFI modes without bricking it. However, none of my leds work. Not even the "AC-outlet connected" one when it's powered down. I don't think this is a software issue and I suspect that probably it will need to have the BIOS reflashed, but since I got rid of windows and reflashing is a hassle, I wanted to find out first if someone else is experiencing the same problem, or even if someone else is not (at this point I have no clue if all, some or none other 530u3c have this problem).

I already tried unpluging and pressing the hole/button that powers the battery in the back, as well as going through the code in the kernel and in the DSDT tables for clues, to find nothing.