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Hey Adrian,

Let me just quote what I wrote above 11 months ago:

"First of all, I have installed SAMSUNG BIOS upgrades from within Windows 8,
then reduced Windows partition to leave around 40–50 Gb of free space, the
remaining free space on a HDD was allocated for Ubuntu's "/home" directory.
Next I disabled Intel rapid start technology, in Windows, (for I might need
to copy files from Ubuntu to that Windows partition in the future, and
AFAIK having that enabled would lead to filesystem errors) and disabled
secure boot in BIOS. Having made those preparations, I went to install
Ubuntu 13.04 amd64 from a USB flash drive. (I have a 500 Gb hard drive and
a SanDisk SSD i100 24GB. As I do not boot into Windows very often, I wiped
everything present on the SSD and allocated it for Ubuntu's "/" partition
(great boot/app launch speeds!).)

All is well. Later I realized Windows would not boot out of the box,
complaining something about an invalid path or something, I do not recall
the exact message. However, installing and using Repair-Boot did the trick;
now I am able to boot into both Ubuntu and Windows 8 just fine."

For the record, I'm still running the same install only upgraded to Trusty.
I can confirm everything is working fine, dual boot works etc. I installed
it in the UEFI mode; keep in mind that otherwise you would't be able to
boot Windows.

2014-05-20 21:14 GMT+02:00 nanolight <email address hidden>:

> Hi all,
> I own an Samsung Series 5 Ultra NP540U3C with Windows 8. I updated the
> bios to P12ABH and want to install Kubuntu 14.04.
> I understand that the bug seems fixed with kernels >3.10 and this bios but
> I am not sure about the procedure as people explained different setups.
> If I want to keep windows, should I select CSM or UEFI in the bios? Secure
> and Fast Boot? Do I have to do anything with /boot/efi? Can I install / on
> the SSD alongside windows and install /home on the HDD?
> Sorry if my questions are a bit trivial but I have been lost in the
> plethora of feedbacks.
> My laptop is still on warranty for a couple more weeks.
> Thanks
> Adrian
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> UEFI boot live-usb bricks SAMSUNG 530U3C,np700z5c laptop
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