Comment 245 for bug 1040557

nanolight (adrian-lamy) wrote :

Hi all,
I own an Samsung Series 5 Ultra NP540U3C with Windows 8. I updated the bios to P12ABH and want to install Kubuntu 14.04.
I understand that the bug seems fixed with kernels >3.10 and this bios but I am not sure about the procedure as people explained different setups.
If I want to keep windows, should I select CSM or UEFI in the bios? Secure and Fast Boot? Do I have to do anything with /boot/efi? Can I install / on the SSD alongside windows and install /home on the HDD?

Sorry if my questions are a bit trivial but I have been lost in the plethora of feedbacks.
My laptop is still on warranty for a couple more weeks.