Comment 239 for bug 1040557

Fabio (mr-fabio90) wrote :

I confirm Calant procedure:

1) Updated Bios to P07RAS
2) Disabled Fastboot on both Windows8 and bios
3) Run usb boot with SecureBoot Enabled and UEFI selected
4) Normally installed Ubuntu selecting Other during install and partitioning the hdd.
5) Selected the hdd for bootloader
6) On reboot Everything worked fine.
IMPORTANT!! Using emulated bios..Ubuntu was really slow on AC-IN(100% CPU usage while charging)...but with UEFI Installation the problem seems to be solved. :D Oh i use AMD Catalyst Version 13.11 beta V9.95..Site version...wokrs wel.. FINALLY UBUNTU SEEMS TO BE FINE ON THIS MACHINE!!!