Comment 122 for bug 1040557

On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 06:37:45AM -0000, Arthur P. Meiners wrote:
> 1) This seems to be a BIOS bug in a small number of Samsung notebooks.
> Has it been brought to the attention of Samsung with a clear message
> that they should bring out an updated corrected BIOS immediately?

We have been in communication with Samsung BIOS engineers about this issue,
but have no ETA for a BIOS update at this time.

> 2) In Val's post 116 I read " To install 12.04, get one of the latest
> daily builds from
> (dated January 18th, 2013 or later) and install from it in a usual way.
> ". Does this mean that I can download a latest daily build and install
> it without having to turn UEFI, secureboot or fastboot options off
> without risking trashing the BIOS, can just burn this latest build to a
> DVD or install it on a USB stick, reboot from that and install??

We can't say with certainty that there is no risk of trashing the firmware -
however, we have confirmed that the samsung-laptop module in the latest
12.04 daily images (as well as in the latest raring daily images) has been
rendered inert when booting under UEFI instead of under CSM, so there should
not be any bricked machines as a result of issues in *that* code. It is
*likely* that this was the root issue causing problems for all users but
once again, it's impossible to say with absolute certainty because we aren't
in possession of the machines in question.