Comment 121 for bug 1040557

Just for people knowledge, I bricked a np700z5c twice trying to install Ubuntu 12.10.
I didn't know about the UEFI problem, and I thought it was a hardware problem.
After the notebook was recovered by the assistance for the second time, I noticed that the UEFI was disabled, and then I installed ubuntu without major problems (dualboot with win7).

Today, however, I tried to install Slackware but I had problems during the boot (the system resets automaticaly during the boot, without any warning message - it looks like a semi-brick). It seems that there was a conflict between the win7 installation (GPT partition??) and Slackware (LILO on the MBR). I was able to boot the system only with a bootable USB pendrive (Fedora Live didn't work! Ubuntu worked!). Finally, the problem was solved by removing all win7 related partitions.

If you don't want trouble, disable UEFI and get away of windows (specially the new versions).